My Blog Launch Party: Seeing the Bigger Picture

The day had finally come. Friday, November 2nd. The day of my official Blog Launch Party. I had spent a few months planning out all the details down to the tiniest one, and I was optimistic that it would be a hit. Little did I know that I would be sitting in an empty room for the majority of the allotted time that I paid to have the quaint space in Somerville (an area right outside of Boston, MA) for the perfect launch party for my blog- KendallTheModelScholar. As the day went on, I was not sure how successful this event would be as I received text message after text message after email after Instagram direct message of people saying they would not be able to make it for many different reasons. There I was at 6:30 after finishing setting up realizing that the only person actually on their way was my boyfriend and who he was bringing, and I thank him for that. It made me realize that there was no need to get upset, but to enjoy my hard work and enjoy the good food and drinks, and that is what I did. I ate enough for probably five people, revealed my giveaways, and talked about my blog to the few people who were there to listen.

I knew that moving all the way from Michigan to Massachusetts was a risk because I do not know many people here and it has been difficult to find a community outside of school that I can truly say I feel “at home” with. That being said, I will not let that stop me from continuing to deliver content, because I can say that someone has read my blog EVERY single day since I launched it, and that feels good to me. I write this as a message for everyone that you should not be ashamed to own your truth and all of your story, even the not so glamorous parts. Then you can look back at these experiences and see your growth, which is definitely what I plan to do a month or a year from now. I also write this as a message to really understand commitment and how that can make or break someone or something they have put their heart into. For those of us with big hearts, make sure you protect it, and don’t take it personal when things don’t pan out-I have learned that the hard way.   

However, I do want to thank everyone who has supported me thus far, sent a kind message saying they love my blog, donated items for my goodie bags, purchased a T-Shirt, and believed in me. I was told by someone near and dear to me to take a step back and remember what I am doing this for, and that’s why even though there was extremely low attendance at the party, I do not feel like a failure, and this is just the beginning. It’s a lonely road to the top, and success comes after probably a million and one flops and failures. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from my first party, and hopefully next time I throw something, it will be more successful.


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