Project M.A.G.I.C.


This year I hold the title of Miss Massachusetts Captivating, which is part of the national Captivating Pageants. One of the most important parts of pageantry is having a platform, which is a cause or passion you have that you commit to working towards during your reign. My goals have always been the same, and that is to provide opportunities for mentorship and professional development for young women.

Amplifying young women’s voices, especially in higher education is crucial to the success and health of this country. Black women alone make up less than 4% of all people who have earned a PhD. As a Social Work Phd student at Boston University, I am the one of two black students in my entire school. I look around in my classes and I see no other students who look like me and it can be alienating sometimes. Oftentimes, women are the minority in top positions and in higher education. Without the support of my family, peers and my academic advisor, I would not be able to persist. This is why I champion the development of healthy mentoring relationships for young women. I want to show the young women from my community that they can get to where I am and I will support them in achieving their goals. I want them to reach for the stars and know that they are strong, smart and special people on this Earth who can affect positive change in the world. They are the future, and they deserve every opportunity to make that future as bright as can be. While still living in Michigan, I created the Young Women Walking in Purpose mentoring program, whose goal was to provide quality mentoring opportunities for young women in Detroit that focuses on academic achievement, professional development and positive self-esteem. I am continuing to do this kind of work in Massachusetts, and am happy to reveal my platform for the upcoming year.


My platform is called Project M.A.G.I.C. which stands for Motivating Amazing Girls in underserved Communities. It is about building self-esteem in young women. I believe that it is out of the hands of those of us who were fortunate enough to achieve success, that the fuel for the next generation will come from. We are the magic and positivity and support that young leaders need. I will be doing several service projects during my reign as Miss Massachusetts Captivating to support young women in the Boston community. One is that I will be working with an organization called Boston Cares in the upcoming year and focusing on volunteer opportunities that provide resources, mentoring and support for young women in the Boston area. Two, I will be bringing pageantry into communities with young people who have have not been exposed to it before by directing and creating the first ever Mr and Miss Davis Leadership Academy Homecoming Pageant. I have designed a pageant preparation curriculum for the students that includes lessons on positive self-esteem, developing a strong work ethic, building confidence, championing philanthropy through community service and fostering leadership developing. Follow me on my journey leading up to the national Captivating Pageants in September 2019!


Photo 1 Studio RM Photography

Photo 2 by Mervyn Chan on Unsplash

Check out the website for this fun pageant: Click here


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