Level Up in 2019

Level Up, Level Up, Level Up: 2019 is the Year to Level Up!

I am using the lyrics from singer Ciara’s hit song as the theme for the New Year that is quickly approaching. My theme for 2019 is “Level Up”, meaning taking everything to the next level. How can I “Level Up” my finances, my fitness life, my spiritual life, my school life and my personal life. I hope that you will be asking yourself the same questions as you reflect on 2018 and move into 2019. As you reflect, I offer you some ways to Level Up in 2019:


Secure more than one source of income. A good way to start securing wealth is to have more than one flow of income. The days of the 9-5 only are over and if we want to go to the next level in our finances, one way to do that is by finding a niche and running with it. We all have talents that can be put to use in order to get some extra cash.


Practice good saving habits. I myself am a big shopper, so I know this one can be difficult for some, but in 2019, I will be focusing on saving more. The best feeling is to know that you have some cushion financially in case something unexpected happens. If you have a hard time saving, one tip is to use an App that automatically saves for you so you won’t notice that you are doing it. I use Qapital, and every time I make a purchase, it rounds it up and saves the difference. I am pretty pleased with it and have been able to save a good amount since starting a few months ago.


Use self-affirmations. In 2019, we need to learn to love ourselves again. Are we happy with the person in the mirror? If not, there are some simple things to do that can increase your amount of self-esteem. One thing that you can do is take five minutes to look in the mirror every morning when you wake up and try to only say positive things about yourself.


Eat better. Many of us go for convenience because we lead busy lives, but sometimes we have to ask ourselves at what cost? Healthy eating is a choice and can sometimes be a hard one, but in 2019, you can pledge to take one step towards putting better foods in your body. Try to start by cutting out one food item that you know is not the best and move on from there.


Integrate physical activity into your life. Notice I didn’t say workout more. For some people, going to the gym may not be your thing, and that is perfectly fine. I would however, challenge you to integrate some type of physical activity into your life because it can make a huge difference in your health and longevity. For example, you can take walks during a break at work.


There are many other ways to Level Up your life in 2019, and I hope that you find what works for you and run with it. Let’s be grateful and reflective of all that has happened in 2018, and look towards 2019 to be even better!

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash


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