Why Pageantry?: The Benefits of Pageantry

Why Pageantry? The Benefits of Pageantry

For those who are wondering what are the benefits of pageantry, I would like to share some of many of those with you.

Personal development- Being involved in pageantry can lead to self-discovery. The more that you understand your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, the more fulfilled you will be in life. Pageantry helps you develop who you are as a person.

Recognition- When you are valued and appreciated for the hard work that you put into competing, it makes you feel good. Many pageants offer great cash awards, scholarships or prize packages not only for overall winners, but for those with the best academic performance or community service hours to name a few examples.

Confidence- Being on a stage in front of a crowd of people can be scary, and pageantry requires that you do that. Being able to show off your personality and feel good doing it can really boost your confidence level. Being exposed to large groups of people on a regular basis can really strengthen your ability to do away with fears, such as of public speaking.

Communication skills- Most pageants include an interview that is closed to the public, and if you become a finalist, a final question based on current events. During these two phases of competition, you will have to speak out loud and share your stance on major issues or why you are passionate about a particular cause. This will help in developing and mastering effective communication skills. Being able to clearly articulate your thoughts on paper and through speaking are great skills to have.

Friendships– If you compete in pageants, you will meet a lot of new people, sometimes from all over the country. The more you compete, the more often you might see some of the same girls and women. You are going to make long lasting friendships and develop tight bonds with the people you compete with, which is always a good thing. Pageantry allows you to build a community of people around you who are like minded. I have met some amazing people through competing.

Discipline- Pageantry can help you develop discipline because all pageants have a distinct set of rules and expectations for you to follow. You also have to prepare in advance when competing, which may require you to make a schedule and come up with a plan as to how you will get ready for competition.  

Pageantry is a great thing to get into, and I have found it to be a great addition to my life.


Photos: Crowning Night for Universal World Pageants in 2016 


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