How to deal with death during the holidays

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As we round out 2019, this is also the time when many families and friends get together to celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc. While we are all enjoying each other’s company and celebrating, it can also be a tough time for others who may have experienced loss on or around holidays. Holidays can be sources of triggers for people, and here are some tips on how to try and deal with the holiday season as best as you can. If you know of someone who has experienced loss during this time, these are also ways that you can support them:

Change up the celebration.

Sometimes a change of scenery can help. Instead of preparing a meal at home, go out to eat instead.

Start a new tradition.

During get togethers, you can light a candle in remembrance, say a few words about the person/people, or leave an empty chair around the table for your loved one.

Remember that not everyone will be grieving in the same way that you are grieving.

Be open to others during this time and recognize that those around you who are also grieving may do it in a different way.

Be honest about what YOU want to do and what you don’t want to do during the holidays.

It is okay to want to keep to yourself a little bit more around this time of the year.

Journal when you are having an especially bad day.

Use journaling as a tool to get your thoughts out on paper if you are feeling down during this time.

Remember to hang in there and reach out to others for support, and understand that your feelings are valid.

Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash


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