The Ultimate Wedding Dress Guide


Recently, I went shopping for one of the most important dresses I will wear in my life- my wedding gown. It went very well and I am lucky to be able to say I found my dress in one appointment with time to spare! I tried on about six dresses but I actually found “the one” with the first dress I tried on (that’s because I tried them on in the wrong order lol). All that being said, I wanted to share some of my tips for finding that perfect dress that will help your appointment go smooth! Happy dress hunting!

1. Look at dresses you are thinking about BEFOREHAND and have an idea in mind of what you are looking for.

This helped me out significantly because when I started my appointment, I already had a few dresses that I pre-picked out online. This made it much less overwhelming and the appointment went better overall. I had a silhouette in mind (even though I didn’t go with that in the end) and a backup silhouette that I would consider if my first choice didn’t work out.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 10.42.45 AM

*I do not own the rights to this photo

2. Don’t be freaked out by wedding dress sizes.

Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses fit very differently than your regular clothing, so do not be shocked if your wedding dress size is a few sizes up from your normal size. Most of the dresses run on the smaller side.


3. Don’t blow your budget.

While this can be hard, I think it is important to stay within your budget. It is easy to get in the store and see something out of your price range and try to get that, but it will be much less stressful to set a maximum budget before the appointment and then only be shown dresses within that budget. There are affordable gowns that are made well! Don’t be fooled! And you will most likely only wear this dress one time.

4. Take pictures of the moment.

Luckily I had my little sister take my phone and get pictures of the moment I found my dress and the appointment in general. These are memories I will have forever. It is important to capture pictures of the events leading up to the wedding because it all moves so fast.


5. Do not bring a large amount of people with you to the appointment.

I decided to only bring my mother, my two sisters who are my maids of honor and my grandmother. I am glad and lucky that I was able to have them there with me, but that was a good number of opinions to have. You want to be able to have a successful appointment, and too many voices can have you feeling overwhelmed.

6. Go to your appointment looking “wedding ready”. 

My wedding stylist (who also happens to be my cousin and one of my bridesmaids) @shannonleighbeaute on instagram, suggested that I get a hair and makeup trial on the day of my wedding dress appointment. While this is not the exact look for my wedding day (it’s a surprise), it was very beneficial to be made up so I can have a better idea of how I will look on that day.


Hopefully you will have your day when you get to Say Yes to the Dress!

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